Farm Dairy Design

Farm dairy design to optimise cow flow and productivity

The first step in our farm dairy design process is to site your new dairy. We consider a number of factors, including farm layout, topography, walking distance for stock, cow flow, milk tanker access and availability of power and other services before we embark on creating the farm dairy design plans.

When a suitable site has been determined we can plan the dairy and yards. Building on from the previously identified factors we consider other site specific factors such as sun and wind, number of cows to be milked and realistic milking times.

Starting from well proven farm dairy design concepts we build up a plan to suit your immediate needs, but with provisions to allow you to reach your eventual goals. Cow flow through the yards and buildings is the over-riding factor that determines whether a particular design will work, and we never stray from proven concepts in this regard.

When we have arrived at a design plan that meets all your criteria we are then in a position to provide you with a quotation for your new farm dairy.